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Solar Installation

Energy from the sun is collected by solar panels and is then converted to electrical energy. This newly converted energy is suitable for residential and commercial uses. Solar power produces clean energy that prevents pollution from entering the atmosphere. Solar is clean, efficient, and provides you with a cost-effective source of energy that requires minimal maintenance.

ProLight Solar installs solar panels for residential and businesses alike. ProLight Solar will assist you in making your solar goals become a reality.

Our solar panel installation process starts with a phone consultation and a site evaluation. During this step, our experts answer all your questions related to solar panels. The ProLight Solar team of professsionals strive to understand your goals and provide you with your unique energy solution needs. The site analysis will determine the various equipment and location that fits best with your budget and goals.

Call ProLight Solar for solar panel installation today at 817-431-5674. ProLight Solar is here to help each customer from consultation thru installation based off your property’s unique dimensions and layout.

solar panel installation
Residential solar panel

Residential Solar Modules

By adding solar panels to your home, you can take control of increasing electricity bills thereby allowing you to meet budget needs with other parts of your household expenses.

No matter your needs, we have experts that provide solar panel solutions for your home. We can help utilize the amount of available space you have along with your style preferences to determine which solar installation option works best for you.

At ProLight Solar, we help you generate, store, and manage clean affordable solar energy on your terms. Our customized plans give you financial flexibility and security.

We’re proud to be a local business with a commitment to harnessing solar energy. ProLight Solar looks forward to being your energy solutions provider. We have solar options that fit your needs. In order to begin contact ProLight Solar at 817-431-5674.

Commercial Solar Modules

In this green energy era it is becoming more important to think about the amount of energy you’re using and the money you’re spending. We provide custom solar panels, no matter whether you’re a retail outlet, warehouse, office building, or commercial building. Utilizing solar energy can save you money and improve your energy efficiency. When you are deciding to explore solar options contact ProLight Solar at 817-431-5674. Our team of professionals are very clear about the needs of your business. We offer expert commercial solar installations with proven high-yielding solar panels, reduce your carbon footprint and secure your energy future.

ProLight Solar has skilled and experienced teams of sales representatives, installation technicians and electricians. Our team will ensure that installation projects are finished on time and to the highest standards.


Solar Module + Battery Back-Ups

When you choose solar energy as an option, you will be producing your own clean solar energy for your home or business. When your solar panels capture excess energy the energy goes to waste if the excess energy is not stored. This is a problem for those who use more energy at night. What’s the solution to this problem?

You guessed it: Yes, it is a solar panel battery backup system.

Not only does having a battery backup system help your home keep running at night, but also helps your home keep running during a power outage.

So if you’re looking for energy independence, your home needs a solar panel battery backup system.

Ready for backup power?

Control your excess energy production by purchasing a solar battery system.  Call ProLight Solar today at 817-431-5674

ProLight Solar provides custom backup power solutions for commercial, residential, and off-grid applications maximizing your solar system.