Solar panel installations are unique to the homeowner. Costs can vary based on multiple factors such as equipment, installation choice, location of placement and electrical upgrades.
Solar Installations typically take between 30 to 60 days after contract submission before your solar panels are grid-connected and producing energy for your home and business.
You bet! Most people do not realize solar panels actually work more efficiently behind clouds. Solar panels do not need direct sunlight because solar panels generate electricity from light instead of heat. Solar systems can generate 50-70% of their maximum energy on cloudy days.
Yes! Texas ranks as a premier state for solar panel installation.
Most solar panels are warranted for 25 years by the manufacturer. Solar modules experience small decreases in power output over their lifetime, however solar panels continue to maintain efficiency as provided by the manufacturer.
Yes! Specialized equipment allows customers to monitor their solar energy usage directly from a cell phone or tablet.
Yes! Solar panels can be mounted on the ground if there is not sufficient space on the roof. Contact ProLight Solar at 817-431-5674 for more details.