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ProLight Solar is a sister company of Stately Design & Renovation.  Proudly established in Southlake TX for 17 years.  Prolight Solar is committed to combining energy efficiency with solar power, caring for the win-win long term customer relationship, the planet, and providing superior customer service throughout the project management lifecycle. We have been named one of the fastest growing innovative solar technology businesses in Texas!  Our goal is simple, to provide you with an easy, affordable, clean way to go solar and start saving money for you and your family for years to come… Owning your energy would not be possible without the work of our dedicated professionally qualified, hard-working solar experts and project managers.  Together, we deliver results.  Your future is bright with Prolight!

Let me ask you; if your utility company offered you a fixed electricity rate for the next 25 years, would you take it?” 

Think of solar more as owning your energy at a fixed rate versus renting it from an aging, increasingly expensive and unreliable utility grid.  Depending on your particular solar system, you may produce more electricity than you use and be able to sell some back to the utility. However, don’t make your decision solely on being told the power company will be sending you a big check every month; most homeowners do not experience that.

You may have heard some companies saying that you will have solar power during a power outage.  Is this true?  No.  But there is a way with Prolight Solar!  The building code requires the solar system to automatically shut down if utility power is lost. However, the way to use your solar system during a power outage is to have an energy storage system: batteries. A battery added to your solar system will allow you to use the energy produced by your solar system even when utility power is down. Peace of mind, is priceless.

At ProLight Solar, it is our mission to raise the bar for integrity in our industry.  We will be honest in calculating the energy your system will produce. We will not make promises we cannot keep.  Call us today for a FREE energy consultation 817-431-5674

My name is Drew, I am the president of ProLight Solar; if you ever have a question about the accuracy of something a solar representative has told you, give me a call as a friend.  I will always do my best to get you a truthful answer.

Remember, your future is bright with ProLight!

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