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Let’s get started! Going solar is a multi-step process. Prolight Solar is available each step of the way managing the installation of your solar system from the beginning to completion.

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Site Assessment

During the site assessment, our team comes to your property to verify the planned system design. Included in the site assessment is determining the electrical setup of your home as well as the location of your smart meter. During their visit, the team will check the condition of your roof to make sure that it’s structurally sound and can support the solar system. In some cases, only the installer can evaluate your property to consider system size, roof type, angle of roof, shading, etc. They will take photos of the property and conduct their own measurements of the roof insuring that a solar system is feasible. 

Site Assessment


Installing solar panels is a multi step process. Our team will create a detailed proposal that outlines the work involved, the cost of solar panel installation, and your system’s anticipated monthly and annual electricity output. If you want to add a battery backup to your system, we’ll provide you with costs associated with solar energy storage.

Your proposal will provide an overview of the solar energy financing options available to you. The financing information allows you to perform a cost-effective analysis and determine the return on your investment.


Permitting and Installation

Our team will complete detailed plans of your solar panels, inverters, and other components before doing any on-site work. ProLight Solar will submit the documentation necessary for permitting approvals at the local city jurisdiction. 

ProLight Solar will assist you in completing the interconnection agreement with your utility correspondent. The timeline for the on-site installation will range from 1 to 3 days, depending on the size of system you are installing.

The installation process starts by ordering all of the necessary components for your solar panel installation from our supply partners. We work with many manufacturers and have access to competitive prices on the most advanced solar energy materials in the market.

We can also mount your solar panels on the ground if enough land is available. This provides a great option for those who have open space and adequate sun exposure.

Permitting and Installation


Solar panels are a big investment, and solar monitoring allows you to maximize the return on your investment. A solar monitor is usually installed at the time your solar panels are installed so that you can track the output of your solar panel system. 

Knowing how effective your solar panels are at producing energy means you can keep your panels at their highest efficiency and detect any potential damage to your panels.

A solar monitor includes hardware attached to a solar array, software (like a phone app or web portal), and an internet connection. The solar monitor reads the data flowing through a solar array’s inverters.

We love helping our customers determine the best path towards their solar journey, and look forward to working with you.


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